Mirage Pro- Aluminum 11Pc Barbecue Set


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The Mirage Pro is an 11-piece stainless steel barbecue tool set that features all the tools a serious grill master could ask for. Each utensil in this compact set was designed with the grill master in mind. The attractive and durable aluminum-accented carrying case holds high-quality stainless steel barbecue utensils including: 1 extra-large spatula (with integrated bottle opener) 1 pair of BBQ tongs 1 BBQ fork 1 silicone basting brush 1 BBQ wire brush/scraper and 6 skewers. Each BBQ tool was cleverly designed with an extra long aluminum handle to keep your hands away from the heat and includes a loop at the end for hanging on the hooks of your barbecue. The Mirage Pro is ideal for outdoor barbecues picnics and camping and makes a great gift for those who enjoy barbecuing.


1 Fully-lined aluminum storage case
1 extra-large spatula (with integrated bottle opener) 19.25"
1 pair of BBQ tongs 18.5"
1 BBQ fork 18.75"
1 silicone basting brush 16"
1 heavy-duty wire brush with scraper on edge 18.25"
6 skewers 17.25"

Key Features:

Durable aluminum-accented carrying case
Stainless steel barbecue tools with extra long handles
Integrated loops at the end of each tool so you can hang the tools from your barbecue

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs